Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Thoughts from the Indonesian Day Bed!

I love being away vagabonding...there is something so free about having a backpack, just a backpack - filled with some clothes, a few photos from home, a magical murphy stuffed toy (why?...I have no idea) a statue of Ho-Tei and a maté gourd....

I find that having too much 'stuff' stresses me out! (You have to use it all after all...don't ya?!)

And so I got to thinking about the concept of adapting to scarcity. Think about when you REALLY have to use the toilet and you realise that there are only a few choice pieces of TP left - you become pretty frugal with your use right?!

Why are we so laissez faire with our resource use at most other times? I completely understand and agree that comfort demands some degree of compromise. We could all do plenty more to use less of this earths resources, but the sad truth is that many people do nothing at all. More importantly there are many things that people could do that would have NO impact at all on their quality of life and would place NO greater demand on their most precious resource - TIME. But many still choose to be wasteful.

If we were all more frugal there would be plenty to go around...well at least there would be a hell of a lot more. The eality is though that many of us define ourselves by what we APPEAR to be in relation to other people. And unfortunately how we define ourselves in this societ is based on a hierarchy of wealth.

As if having more money and more possesions makes someone a better person than someone who has less!
Think about it - who in their right mind could justify judging someone by how much they have? But so often we allow ourselves to become sycophants and 'wealth junkies'. There is no justification for admiration based on wealth. If someone has worked hard (and to my mind done so in an ethical, honest and humble way) then of course we can admire and respect their acheivments, but simply 'having' is no criteria for this.

We should be defined by our actions, not our posessions...and what more are our actions than the way in which we decide to treat others? Giving to others, helping others, having emapthy and conducting oneself with honesty, humility and loyalty - these are what matter. Money is not evil, even the love of money isn't evil - but it's pretty stupid, and the worship of money is ridiculous - it's unfulfilling and a waste of time...our most precious resource.

Time is what we spend on the people we love, it's what we spend doing the things that we love doing and it's what we spend with the (few) thins we actually really want to have (because they provide an experiance, not because they make us APPEAR to be something.) In short TIME is what we spend on experiences, and those are the moments that LIFE is made of!
Time is the new currency...and it true that we need less money than I think most of us expect to have to have in order to have the things we REALLY want and to do the things we really want to be doing.

Just some random thoughts from the Indonesian Day Bed.....