Friday, April 20, 2007

Al Gore, eco-warriors and Global warming deniers

I skimmed over an article this morning in the New Zealand Herald, while draining a cup o' joe ('Jungle Coffee' of course...only the best!) about ol' Al Gore. The article had commentary about the recent revelation that Al Gore's famly household uses nearly as much energy in one day as an average US family in one month.
I am not here to either lambast Al Gore, nor defend him. It is just exceedingly interesting to me just how much debate there is around global warming right now.
And I think that most commentators and in fact most people have lost the point entirely....
There are convincing arguments that humans are causing global warming to some degree, and there are also convincing arguments that we are not.
BUT the issue for me is much more simple.
Regardless of whether we are causing global warming or not, is there any good reason to pollute, and is there any good reason to waist resources unecessarily? It would be a brave (and I think an incredibly arrogant and foolish one!) to answer in the affirmative to this question. There is no doubt that at some stage we are going to run out of fossil why use more than we need? And what good reason could there possibly be to NOT look for renewable and sustainable fuels?

It is also plain to see that irrespective of whether we are causing global warming, we ARE increasing the amounts of the various greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and it would be naive to think that there are no ill effects from this.
I am a nutritionist and naturopath and in my area of expertise (the human body) even the most minor changes to things like our blood PH, oxygen saturation, levels of ions etc etc can have MAJOR effects. There are of course checks and balances and we, like the planet are very resilient. But there comes a time when all systems, when overloaded, begin to break down.
The most important issue for me is our health. Our health in part comes from the food we eat (which is drastically altered by the health of the land on which it is raised and the environment in which it grows) and from our own environment.
Why would we choose to not preserve the quality of this environment?
There are so many things that we can do to reduce our energy usage, our use of other resources and our waste. And many of these require no additional time, money or energy. Simply recycling, turning off lights, not leaving cell phone chargers 'on' and in the wall socket and driving a tuned car, amongst other things, all help in a major way. The cumulative effect of more people doing little things can be huge.
Al Gore should maybe think about his own back yard...but like I said...I'm not here to beat the guy up!

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