Saturday, January 06, 2007


Uruguay has one small national park - one that seems to have little going on in the way of wildlife. All the large land animals (save for the odd Rhea racing across the north western planes) have all but disappeared and this small, flat country wedged between Brazil and Argentina consists of sheep and cattle farms. Not surprisingly the gaucho culture is strong here (try and find anyone strolling without their thermos and ´mate´ gourd) and the beef is good and plentiful here.
Thanks to an economic meltdown Uruguay is a cheap place to travel and despite it not having the archealogical monuments of Peru, sex and samba of Brazil or the natural wonders of Bolivia and Ecuador, it does have beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, tranquil towns and town folk who are laid back and eager to help without the brash arrogance that you can encounter at times with some of their Argentinian cousins.

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