Saturday, January 06, 2007

South and Onwards...

Florianopolis on the island of Santa Catarina lives up to it´s reputation having some pleasant sights for the lads (and probably ladies too!..) and the beaches are pretty darn good too!
With sun, sand and surf we felt more than a little at home for our Xmas at Praia do Santinho. Salad, rotisserie chicken, bread and beer...and a plate of xmas cookies to add a little cheer to the season. Surfing was the order of the day/s and the small swell was enough to sate the kiwi appetite for the water. Floripa is great, we are finding that heading South things are becoming more like home and so it can be hard to wax lyrical when it feels so familiar but nonetheless Floripa is great, cool, tranquil and beautiful.

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