Sunday, October 29, 2006


Cafayate is a completely different kettle of fish to Tucuma, with ´Mendozaesque´ boulevards and Plaza and the nicest town we have seen thus far. Cheap digs too make a change, especially when it includes a balcony, charming interior and plenty of space. Cafayate is practically engulfed by vineyards. No need for a wine tour, simply walk a few hundred metres and you can taste good malbecs and cab-savs. We really splashed out at a restaurant and bought an excellent Cab for about $15 but most are in the $1-$5 region!

As with anywhere riding a tourism boom there are scama and huxsters. We were arriucing late and so for the first time on tour, booked a room in advance, only to turn up and be told ´´Sorry we have no record of your booking......BUT our friends down the road would be happy to help you out....´´ Bullshit...I think they purposely overbook and when people show up they disavow all knowledge and ship the weary travellers off to their associates, all in the name of being helpful!
SO DO NOT STAY IN ´El Hospedaje´ (even though it is the most highly recommended in The Lonely Planet....yet another cross for that publication!) But as mentioned a blessing in disguise with our great little balconied nest!

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