Monday, October 08, 2018

We're all just a bit f&*%ed up...and that's OK. #MHAW

It's mental health awareness week between Oct 8 - 14, a great time to refocus on what's most important, and what's not. 

A few years back, a client said to me "How do you manage to stay so 'together'?"

I told her that I don't. That I'm a fuck up just like everyone else. And anyone who claims to have their shit 100% together is just trying to sell you something...

I'm smart enough to know that I am good at getting shit done. I am pretty good at what I do (I think) and I think I have a pretty good talent for studying and teaching concepts of health, nutrition, and mind-body medicine.

BUT, the dude that you see giving a talk to a crowd, comfortable, and at ease, funny and jovial, only part of the picture.
The guy you don't see is the person who becomes so nervous about talking to people that he can't pick up the phone when it rings. You don't see the guy who sometimes doesn't leave the house for days on end because he can't face seeing anyone or talking with anyone. You don't see the guy who riddled with self-doubt, obsessed by minutiae to the point of distraction.

You see, I'm good at some things and I work really hard to strive to be even better. But I get messed up from time to time. And that is OK. 
I have bipolar disorder and while I don't want to create a treasured wound, or pathologise myself, or worse, to use it as a means of self-martyrisation, it's important too that more people stand up and proudly acknowledge the totality of who they are, not just the finely curated facade that people create for Instagram and Facebook.

The duality of life is that you can be brilliant at a bunch of things and also be a bit screwed up.
You can be brilliant, but in order to be so, in a way that serves your highest good, you can't do it for anyone else, only for you. For that to occur you have to be honest and humble, you have to respect and honour not just yourself and your journey but others, and the battles they face.
You need to do all of this with the courage to stand up for what is right. But above all, you need to be gentle with yourself. Relax dude, the shit we worry about isn't that important.
Just be kind, to yourself and to the people you see day-by-day, and it'll work out just fine.

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