Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Don't be a proDICKtivity guru...

If you have an autoresponder that says something along the lines of...

"Thanks for your email, in the interests of being a super-awesome human, probably better than you, I only reply to emails at 11.17am and 3.58pm. 
Thanks for understanding that I am telling you that I read The Four Hour Workweek"

Really, if anyone emails you at 9 am and expects a reply before 11 am...or sends an email before lunch and has a little cry because you haven't replied to them before 4 pm - then that's their problem.
But in all likelihood, nobody cares.

Emails like the above might be a cool way for you to tell the world how productive you are but all they do for other people is add to their already overfilled inboxes.

You're better off not saying anything.

Shoosh now...I have a Tim Ferriss book to read.... 😀

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