Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The #1 Reason People Don't Succeed in Business...

I'm going to spoil this topic straight off the bat and tell you the answer...

The #1 reason for not succeeding is that you simply didn't start. And if you didn't even start you never gave yourself a shot.
I know, I know...
That may seem patently obvious. So obvious in fact, that it doesn't deserve a blog post. Or does it?

I have been involved in education now for a long time. Going on twenty years in clinical practice and having been lecturing in some form or other for most of that time (along the way starting several successful businesses). And in all those years I have been so disappointed to see truly gifted and talented students not go on after graduating, into the industry. Sure, some realised it wasn't for them, but others weren't sure of what to actually DO about getting into practice (something I'll post about soon) and didn't make the decision to actually start.

So why don't we just start?
We're scared, we're unsure of what to do, and we crave financial security.
Starting a business is scary, but it ain't half as scary as regretting doing it while you slave away in a job that you hate. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn't work out but with great risk, there is the potential for great reward. And let's face it if you're smart about how you start and the costs you incur when you're starting out, it isn't that great a risk anyway.


  • Make a decision to start NOW. (Don't wait for the perfect time...the perfect time is now)
  • Set aside a few minutes tomorrow to think about what you really want to be, and what you want to achieve in your health business / practice
  • Start to believe that you ARE a practitioner, not that you are 'going to be' a practitioner...

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