Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living a Life of Purpose is Something You CAN Choose!

To be happy and  fulfilled are choices we can make, not coincidences that simply occur.

We all, each and every one of us, have the power to change our lives and that power comes from our freedom to choose…
And while it is true that most of what we do (90+%) is unconscious reaction to stimuli, the devil is in the details!..and it is the small amount of conscious direction, when married with mindfulness that provides for the junction of critical awareness that allows us to correct our life's course when we feel it is not headed towards the life of our dreams.

We can choose the way we act in the moments that we catch ourselves about to react, on a day to day basis, and over time this can change the way we think and the way we feel and the way we are. 

The person we are today is a result of the way we have acted and reacted to all the situations that have been presented to us over our lifetime. We have created our present selves and we continue to create ourselves according to what we do each and every day.

We have the power to create a better future for ourselves by changing the way we act in the present.

Present choices lead to future realities.

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