Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gay, Straight, Other (Who gives a f%^k!?)

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

If a guy hits on me in a bar why should my automatic response be "I'm straight"?
Isn't it more accurate to simply say "I'm not interested"? - the same thing I might say to a woman.

Surely the reason that men (and women) revile against the advances of someone of the same sex is simply because of the conditioning we have against a type of love that has been stigmatised by the media, religious dogmatists and conservative hierarchies. 
If we removed that stigma, then what on earth is wrong with a dude hitting on another dude if he finds him attractive?!
It's the same situation as any of us hitting on ANYONE - male or female - if we find them attractive. 
If you are merely letting your attraction be known, with no aggression, coercion or Machiavellian game playing you at least are being authentic, and a truly authentic (loving) reply would to simply be honest and to realise that IF there is any revulsion it has come from some really shitty conditioning you've been exposed to. 

Do you want to continue to live out bigoted, redundant stereotypes? 
Or do you instead want to begin to live a life of honesty, humility and love and to let it be true, instead of merely paying lip service to it. 

Have the definitions of gay, straight, bi...[whatever]...all ceased to be redundant anyway? 
And if not then shouldn't they be?
Can anyone truly say that in a universe of infinite possibilities and a planet with over 7 BILLION people that they could not be attracted to a man OR a woman somewhere within that melee?

If you say 'No - I'm straight' you may be pretty convinced, and that's cool. 
I understand, because I for one REALLY love women. I think they're great. They smell nice, they (usually) have tidy rooms and clean sheets and they possess certain anatomical features that I can't help but be fascinated by. 
BUT...who's to say that somewhere, someday there couldn't be a dude that took my fancy. 
Life is a pretty big freakin' process and so much of it is a mystery to us. 
Why limit ourselves, and why create an archetype of bigotry in the process?
Seems pretty self limiting to me...

Instead why not simply love who you love and be cool with someone else loving who they love, without labels, without distinctions and without fear. 

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