Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Every Moment is a Learning.

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

A client asked me a question the other day: 

"Cliff I'm feeling so much better, so much more positive, and just generally pretty awesome!...But there are still the odd days where I feel down, and times when I still experience pain. What can I do during those times?"

Remember that every single moment in life is a learning. 
Pain is simply a signal. 
Ask yourself: "How does this serve me?" "What is it trying to tell me?"

Often when we feel down we are not in heart-mind congruence. So when you feel down take a moment to sit in stillness. 
Close your eyes and connect to your heart centre. Then think of a direct energetic connection between your heart and mind/brain. Allow this connection to deepen, and when you feel it strongly begin to connect from your heart, down through your body, out your feet and to the very centre of the earth. 
When you feel connected and grounded in the earth allow the connection to flow up from your heart, into your brain and through the top of your skull out into the heavens.
Allow yourself to sit with this earth-heart-mind-universe connection for a few minutes.

Then allow yourself a moment of gratitude for your functioning, healthy body...and also for the signals that your body and mind provide you that allow you continued growth, learning and spiritual evolution (even if they are pain, depression etc). Remember that these are all part of the beautiful process of life...the beautiful process that is you. And so if you are to value, honour and love yourself unconditionally you must honour and value these parts of the process too.

Finally remember that sometimes it's OK to be down. We need not reject it, but recognise the learnings and then simply allow it to arise and fall, as we would any other condition of life. 

As we begin to rise to higher and higher set points of happiness we will still experience highs and lows, but they will be at a higher vibration than before. 


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