Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Healing vs Curing

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

We often equate the word 'healed' with that of 'cured', but they can be very different in context, and can drastically change our approach to our personal health and wellness.

To be 'healed' is to become sound, or healthy again.
To be 'cured' is to eliminate a disease or condition, or it's symptoms.

Being healthy and sound in body, mind and spirit, is much more important than either eliminating symptoms, or relieving oneself of an 'illness' which is simply a frame of words that we wrap around a symptom profile in order to understand it.

For people like myself who have a supposedly 'incurable' illness, the idea of curing is inconsequential. What is important is to heal...in other words to become healthy again.

We can be healthy even if we hold the latency of an illness. In that respect our illnesses an simply become a genetic tendency towards a symptom profile, but one that we need not express when all the epigenetic factors (nutrition, sleep, stress, environment etc.) are conducive to health and wellness.

To seek to be 'cured' casts a negative framing around who we are, and the human condition that we project. To strive towards optimal wellness, health and vitality is a much more powerful state to exist in.

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