Friday, February 17, 2012

I Don't Like Big 'Buts'

[Post by Cliff Harvey]
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So often we negate our gratitude for how amazing things are, and how much we have progressed, grown and evolved with the word 'but'. 

For example, I have heard variations of this from many of my clients over the years:
 "Everything is going really well...BUT...I'm not where I want to be..."
The 'BUT' in this case negates the value and appreciation we have for how well we have done, and for how well we are progressing. 
I challenge you to instead express gratitude for the positives, rather than being self effacing in spite of how well you have done in any endeavour. 

1. Appreciate the progress you have made. 
This may mean simply stopping and reflection on how well you have done, and avoiding using 'BUT' to qualify it!

2. Try using AND instead of 'but'.
This can reinforce what you want to be true and what will become true...not what you are currently unhappy (frustrated) with. 
In other words you might frame things as:
"Everything is going well (and for that I am STOKED) and I continuing with my process I continue to get great results!"

When we frame what we say in the present, and in a positive, emotionally compelling manner we begin to integrate those thought forms much more effectively into our unconscious/subconscious and we begin to 'become' that more and more. 

What we say becomes real, so speak the truth that you want to become. 

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