Sunday, February 19, 2012


[Post by Cliff Harvey]


As an author I'm often told by people that they would love to write a book.
My friend, best-selling author Ian Brooks told me that his reply to this is "Are you writing?"

I pose this same question to my clients and workshop participants.
And it need not be writing but could be singing, painting, dancing or in fact anything that one wants to achieve, that drives our passion and purpose, or even simply something that serves a desired end-goal (such as finding a new job.)

"I want to" is never going to get us where we want to be. Only the doing, or 'the work' as (Seth Godin describes it) is going to get us there.
The only moment we have is the present and so we need to start doing right now, and continue to do each and every day to develop the habit of doing 'the work', to progress towards our goal and to actually become that which we want to be.

When I started writing Choosing You! I considered myself an 'aspiring author' - but soon realised that an aspiring author is a frame that projects what I wanted to become into the future. After that realisation I began to consider myself simply an author. I also developed the habit of writing daily, for how could I be a writer if I wasn't writing? And while I slip from this routine occasionally the habit of writing is with me, and the books that I enjoyed writing as much as I hope that they are enjoyed are the fruits of that habit.

If you want to be, then start to do...and do it now...

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