Monday, January 30, 2012

When Did You Stop Singing? When Did You Stop Dancing?

I felt like giving her a good shake and yelling "What the hell are you doing?!"

...and perhaps it would have been justified. Perhaps that's what some of my spiritual warrior friends would call righteous anger...

I was sitting, chilling, drinking a cup of Joe and watching an Andean folk band perform at Granville Island in Vancouver. A few very young kids got up and began dancing in the way that only kids can. Moving simply to move, without fear or embarrassment.
There is something so natural about the way kids react to music, and something so beautiful in the purity of simply moving physically to something that moves us on a deeper level.
What better example of the interplay of the psyche and the soma?
A few more children got up and started bopping around to the primal sounds of the drums and flutes, until there was a veritable toddler dance party occurring.

Unfortunately I could see that some of the parents started becoming a little embarrassed by their children and one by one began corralling them and telling them to 'stop' or 'sit down', 'be still'.
For me at least it was so sad to see spontaneous expression curtailed like that.
Many of you may be thinking "Hey, it's no big deal." But I think that it is.

How many adults are afraid to express themselves? How many adults have lost the joy of movement? How many adults would benefit so very much from being more able to simply do what feels GREAT without fear of what others may think?

It is the subtle conditioning we receive, especially when very young, that shapes our actions throughout life. We can of course choose to change and co-create a new reality, but the more conditioning and patterning we have to battle against the harder this can be.

This scenario reminded me of something my friend and mentor Darryl Gurney once said: "When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing?"
This was something that he had in turn been told by a Shaman in South America.
And what a great call to action!
When did we stop expressing ourselves for fear of what others think? When did we stop doing those things that feel so wonderful because they are not the 'norm'.

Live. Laugh. Dance. Sing. LOVE!

Be content being unconventional, because if the 'norm' is boring, and if the 'norm' doesn't let you express yourself in a way that makes you and those around you happy...then quite frankly being normal sucks!

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