Thursday, November 03, 2011

F&*K Fabric Softener [a rant...]

I was watching TV (something I only rarely do) with my sister - and an advertisement for fabric softener came on.
It got me to thinking about how on earth we got to a point where we have innumerable choices in fabric softener and that something so banal can be part of the way that we define ourselves.
Think about it....if you actually care about what fabric softener you use, and if you have a favourite brand you are in some way defining yourself by that. You have become in part defined by what brand of fabric softener you use. Wow.
I could state the obvious that there is so much more to life than fabric softener, or that (cliche as it is) there are children dying in Africa. But it's even more than that...IT'S F%^KEN FABRIC SOFTENER!

"Really..." I said to my sis "how fucked up has this world become that anyone would even give a shit what fabric softener they use? It's fabric softener for God's sake!"

I have never used fabric softener (could you guess?)
And while I get that your favourite brand may a) smell nice and b) make your shirt oh so divine to wear - the advertisements are not even about even that anymore.
They are about beautiful people jumping around like commitable lunatics, altogether with any combination of cartoon flowers/animals, babies and other wonderful things...
I guess if I lived in CandyLand instead of Auckland's North Shore it might be a little more relevant to me...but seriously; F'n Fabric Softener?

I wonder what fabric softener defines me? Excuse me while I go and contemplate that while standing on the railing of a very high bridge....

[feel free to replace 'Fabric Softener' in this post with almost any modern consumer item ;) ]


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