Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Productivity NEVER Outweighs Humanity

An oft heard argument for continuing with many abhorrent practices, particularly in the field of agriculture, is that to change will decrease productivity and efficiency (and that this will increase the cost of products to the end user.)
This misses the vital and immutable point that productivity NEVER outweighs humanity.
There is a point that comes when the right thing to do simply must be done, irrespective of any reduction in efficiency or increasing in prices.

The same argument was used by slave owners in the American South as a justification for slavery. Of course we now (almost) universally accept that any production and cost benefits of keeping slaves can not even be considered in any sense to be 'worth it'.

I contend that the same is true of practices such as factory farming of beef, crating of sows and battery farming of eggs.
Cost can never be solely measured in dollar terms. Basic, fundamental humanity and compassion, and social and environmental costs are not even 'as' important...but exponentially more so.

The right thing to do is simply the right thing to do, irrespective of production, efficiency and monetary cost.


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