Friday, October 07, 2011

F**K 'em!

A client came to me after having been severely criticised by someone they hardly knew. My client was quite distressed about it and wanted some guidance.

I started by asking (as I often do) if the criticism was justified, as often there will be some kernel of truth in a criticism that can be taken and used as a valuable learning opportunity.
But in this case my client swore that it simply wasn't justified and that the person really had no right to say the things he had said.
So I said plainly "Well f@#k him then! Are you going to keep beating yourself up about something someone said that has no justification at all?"

His criticism wasn't justified, there was no learning to be taken from this (except perhaps showing that at times we need to simply let go and not be so worried about what others think and to also not buy into other peoples criticism when we know our course is justified.)
...So f@#k him and what he has to say.

And this is by no means an aggressive stance. Saying simply 'f@#k it!' is a great way to just let something go in a powerful (and kind of funny) way!

So instead of hanging on to resentment, frustration, stress and anxiety...F@#K IT - let it go!


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