Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jumping Out the Window

We often hear people say that when one door closes another opens.
If this were true wouldn't it be great?! If at every challenge in life a clear opportunity presented itself we wouldn't have any problems.
But things are seldom that easy...
I think a better analogy is that when a door closes there is usually a window. Opportunities may not always be staring you in the face like an open door but they are always there, although you may need to squeeze and contort to get through and in some cases force it open!
This 'window of opportunity' requires that you change your approach and use your strengths and nous to realise the opening provided. It's not easy, but it's doable.
The biggest challenge when presented with a failed or closed opportunity is to see the new opportunity and take the plunge and do the uncomfortable. Simply walking through the open door is seldom an option. But jumping through the window is...

This metaphor became plainly obvious to me sitting at my gate at Sydney Airport, about to fly to Auckland after a fantastic weekend of meetings. An opportunity that I had been involved with had fizzled out, and initially myself and my business partners were very despondent.
However in looking at the greater opportunities we realized that we could do things differently, more effectively, and although it would require more work and capital, the results would be much, MUCH greater both for our clients and to our eventual bottom line. It was a win-win that resulted from what we all thought was initially a great loss.  To get to the point of realization we simply had to stop focusing on the closed door and instead look through the window to what could be achieved...and then jump out of it!


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