Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Moment of Realising Dissatisfaction

We arrive at an important junction when we realise that we have been consistently feeling a certain way that we would rather not feel. 
These moments of realisation allow us to begin to engage in the actions that allow us to adjust our 'set point' of thought, feeling and emotion. 

There is a huge importance in 'framing'. How we frame things has a huge effect on how we feel in the future. Think of it in terms of training. You don't do a run and then suddenly become an athlete - it is a process of training the body, and to creating a positive mental environment is also a matter of training. 

This is the importance of recognising amongst other things negative self talk.
In the moment you can see where a negative train of thought is occurring and you can help reverse that for future moments by repeating positive affirmations that are as you WANT to be, not what appears to be true now. 


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