Thursday, March 03, 2011

You are beautiful! Yes - Right Now!

I've had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of really cool people lately in lectures and via my blog here at and over at my Tumblr blog (

A lot of the people I've been connecting with lately via these media (and those who are coming to me as patients) are women wanting to improve their physical condition and health. I'm continually inspired by these amazing women, many of whom are in the process of coming out of the darkness of depression and eating disorders.

It's all too simple (as anyone who has actually been clinically depressed will know) for people to say "Why can't they just 'snap' out of it?" or especially in the case of eating disorders "Can't they see that they are too skinny?".

Of course are that people who are in the depths of depression most often wish they could simply 'snap out of it', but like any other condition affecting the body-mind complex the influencing factors are many and varied and it takes an integrated approach to treatment. The good news is you can recover from depression and live a happy, joyous, experiential life!
And in the case of eating disorders - no - often the person affected actually can't 'see' that they are 'too skinny' and although they may realise that they are hurting themselves, the pattern of control that the manipulation of food provides, is a 'treasured wound' and has become (on a subconscious level) a survival imperative.

The point of today's blog though is not to delve into the multi-factorial causes, effects and influences of both depression and eating is instead to say:

Right here and right now!

I don't care if you have just woken up and haven't put your make-up on yet....
You are beautiful.

I don't care if you are carrying 15 (or 50!) excess pounds....
You are beautiful.

I don't care if you have a birthmark or a scar...
You are beautiful.

Whatever people say of your glasses, your braces, your tattoos, your piercings, your muscles (or lack thereof), your dress sense....
It just doesn't matter - because YOU are beautiful. 

We may not always be satisfied with where we are in life. We may not always be satisfied with our health and our physical condition, and this dissatisfaction can be a powerful driving force for creating positive change to move closer and closer to our perfect, ideal life of love, joy and wonder. 

BUT - we can be happy, we can be happier moment to moment. And although we may change, progress, grow and evolve over time, we are, in the present moment ALWAYS beautiful. 

Embrace the positive change, focus on loving and honouring yourself - not starving and depriving. Focus on the process, for if we live each moment of the process to the full, our goals will be achieved. 



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