Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keeping Resolutions - Part 5

The Importance of Mindfulness...

[From my upcoming book - Time Rich, Cash Optional!]

"Mindfulness is seeing things for what they are. It is being open to what is going on around you, without attachment and without ‘reaction’, moment to breaking moment.
It is developing the ‘watcher’ or the ‘observer’ within. Our minds are perpetual motion machines that create thought after thought. Mindfulness is recognising that these thoughts are transient and these thoughts are not us.
By observing our thoughts and emotions and by developing the ‘watcher’ within, we can see that our thoughts are not us. There is something deeper than this. We know this simply because we can become mindful, we can ‘watch’ our thoughts and emotions arise…and so we know that they are things that happen, and are in fact things that we ‘do’ and cannot therefore be ‘us’.
Developing mindfulness is essential for maximising our enjoyment and appreciation of time. If we are not fully in each breaking moment how can we hope to enjoy it?
It is also essential for realising what things are important for our deepest happiness and on the other hand what things we are doing or trying to posses merely to boost our ego.

Developing mindfulness can be very basic. Meditation has been used for centuries to develop mindfulness. Many eastern (and also western) religions and many schools of philosophy and psychology include mindfulness in some form as either a fundamental goal or tenet.
There are several ways that you can encourage mindfulness in your life. I strongly recommend you put some time (as little as 10min) each and every day into one mindfulness activity. You can do the same activity every day at the same time, at different times or perform different activities as you feel like it. An activity that suits one person will not suit everyone. Be a power unto yourself…the main thing is that you do it!"

Mindfulness helps us to stick to our resolutions by allowing us to see in the breaking moment that we are about to make a reactionary decision, that perhaps is not in line with our goals. If we can develop greater 'critical awareness' we can instead CHOOSE to make a different decision that is more in line with our goals. 

~  Cliff


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