Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Keeping Resolutions - Part 2

Avoid the 'Check Box' Mentality

So often people mistake the 'action' associated with achieving their goal with the goal itself.
They may not do this consciously but often deciding to do something, or taking the first steps (or step!) is all that people do...and they subsequently don't reach their goal...

An example from my own life comes from my Naturopathic practice. One of my specialist areas is nutrition and as a nutritionist I've helped thousands around the world to eat healthier, and have consulted to dozens of Olympic and World Championship level athletes.

Often when people make a resolution to eat better in order to achieve their health, performance or aesthetic goals they may decide that they 'need to see a nutritionist'. This is obviously a great step to take!
BUT it can become almost a replacement for actually going through the process of change.
So many times people make such a big deal out of 'seeing the nutritionist' that once they have done it they seem to sit back, check it off the list of things to do...and then fail to follow any of the recommendations!

I call this the 'check box mentality'.

Don't be content to simply 'check the box'. Remember that the action steps you take to achieve your goals are not the goals in and of themselves ~ they are merely a small part of the process.

Honour yourself and honour the process by taking one small step after another, knowing that by being complete, present and total in the moments of action within the process (and standing up and doing what must be done!) you can achieve most everything that your heart desires.

~ Cliff


  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    I love love love this post Cliff! So much truth in it- I personally notice myself checking the box, and forgetting that the intention and purpose behind the doing is the key to acquiring my goal. Because if I stay true to the source of it, then all action is natural and aligned. Thanks for the reminder... I'm going to take a look at my 2011 goals, actions and intentions and make sure that I am focusing on keeping the process and completeness at the heart of it!

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  3. Thanks Leah! Intention and purpose...two great words :) Love what you do my friend. Look forward to reconnecting with you in 2011 :)