Monday, December 20, 2010

The Night Before The Day

The night before the day; when we are so brash and full of bravado.
So strong. So headstrong. I will! I can! I shall...and I will start tomorrow...

And yet with the morning's light, and it's cold reality, we forget it's warmth (or perhaps we simply choose not to feel it) and we shrink from ourselves. We shrink from our bluster and retreat to our distractions for one more day...until the solace of our day's night.

The day's night in which we again take centre stage in our own play - and become the hero for one more night.

Is this why old Paulo calls them 'The Warriors of Light'?
Because only in the light can we fight the good fight, and stand up, and do all those things we have promised to do... the things we promised ourselves in the night, before the day...


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