Saturday, January 01, 2011

Keeping Resolutions - Part 1

Making the Decision to Change Once

One of the biggest reasons for people failing to achieve their goals and stick to their resolutions is that they think they make the decision to change just once....

In reality making the big changes that really matter to our lives means making the decision to change what we do and how we act literally THOUSANDS of times.

Do you think for example that if you decide to stop smoking that you simply make that decision once and then 'hey presto' you won't smoke anymore?
As anyone who has actually beaten addiction knows - achieving this goal requires making decisions many times per day to avoid the temptation to smoke.

With any goal that is important we need to reset our resolve almost constantly to avoid falling into old habits. We are after all creating new ones, and thankfully as we make the decision over and over again to stick to our guns and continue to progress toward our goals (even if we may fall off the wagon at times) the new habits and behaviours that we continue to ingrain become our new natural set point and we need to exercise less and less willpower to stay the course.

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  1. Cliff,

    A lot of great points there. It is about a process and progress. Achieving change is about many thoughtful decisions.

    My take on resolutions and habit breaking/making