Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Choosing You! Now available at Goodey's Bookstore - Newmarket, Auckland!

Before I was an author and coach I was a reader and seeker.
I'm still of course a reader...and we all never stop learning...

As child I used to love wandering around book stores.
I had an enquiringly mind and a fascination with philosophy, spirituality and the more esoteric tangents of science, as well as the traditional sciences.
And so it was always a wonderful adventure to go into Goodey's Bookstore, initially with my first spiritual teacher ~ My Mum ~ and later on my own, to browse for hours and dig up the words of wisdom from some of the great spiritual teachers of our time.
I think I picked up my first copies of books by luminaries such as Surya Das, Alan Watts and Osho from Goodey's back when I was beginning my own wonderful exploration of life.

I'm now honoured to have 'Choosing You!' available at Goodey's.

Goodey's are now in Newmarket, and I must say it is a cool little shop!
Housed within the same building as an eco-organic food and health store, cafe, and natural health clinic; it is a veritable gem of a place just waiting to be found.
It's the kind of place you just want to go and chill for a while....
That's the way shopping should be!

Check out 'Choosing You!' at Goodey's:

23 Crowhurst Street
Newmarket 1023
(09) 524 5000

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