Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living the Shit Out of Life...

I was talking with my Sister the other day.
She was in a bit of a funk and I had my 'counselor Cliff' hat on. (She often has her Counselor Char hat on for me too!)
As she was about to head off to work I said - "You know what Char - today can you do just one thing for me?...."
To which she replied "OK....what's that?...."

Clients and friends of mine will know that this is a spin on a favourite affirmation of mine.
And whilst not being awfully 'PC' - doesn't it so perfectly, and vociferously encapsulate the idea (in no uncertain terms) of living...REALLY living life and living it to the full, with passion and purpose.
You can't be half hearted about LIFE if your are really living the shit out of it!

I am reminded of the audio book "Wild at Heart" by Tessa Bielecki  - the wonderful Carmelite nun who, when speaking about mindfulness and being complete in the moment, recalls Zorba the Greek asking himself "What am I doing now?"; with the idea that whatever he is doing, he should REALLY do that.

I often ask the same question...

And the answer can always be: I am doing the shit out of something! (Whatever that something is.)

The other day I was walking to work (yes....I often walk to work...) and I found myself worrying about something quite inconsequential...and something that I had no control over in that moment.
So I stopped myself and asked "What am I doing now?"
The reply of course was; "I am WALKING the SHIT out of this path!"
And just after slipping back into a more mindful, and purposeful state I looked down and narrowly avoided stepping in a BIG pile of dog crap.
So by walking the shit out of that path I literally avoided stepping in shit! Awesome! :)

My question to you is: Are you living the shit out of life?

And if not, why not?

Because let's face it - it's easy to be alive. Alive is the default.
You didn't need to do much to wake up this morning...
But to live, to really LIVE - well that takes the courage to choose to do it, to accept that you may have to step outside the norm and to really, really LIVE THE SHIT OUT OF LIFE!
So....just F'in do it!

~ Cliff


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