Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life is Easy...

Every day I read somewhere, or hear from someone, either in person or in the media that 'life is so hard' or that 'life is a struggle'.
But it's not...
I'll ask you a question:
"Was it difficult for you to wake up this morning?"
While you might think that it was, the reality is that if you had trouble getting up or had trouble feeling alert, that is quite different to having trouble waking in the morning. You woke up, maybe you were tired, but you still woke up.
By waking up; by being alive you have shown quite evidently that life is easy! 
LIFE is the default position. There will be a time when inevitably we will all pass away, and that flip side of the coin of life is easy too! We don't need to DO much of anything to be alive, and when the time comes to pass we too need to do very little for that to happen either!
What people mean when they say that life is hard is that the ACT of living can appear to be a struggle. It is the actions that we find hard to do. 
We are often feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted, and it is easy to feel like life is out to get us, and that life is a struggle. But it's not life that is the struggle. Life is the default, LIFE is a process, and it is how we relate to things within that process that determine how we feel. We can relate to people in a positive or negative manner. We can draw into our lives positivity, love and joy; and we can cultivate mindfulness in order to glimpse the transient nature of life...and live with the peace that 'this too shall pass'. 

LIFE is easy. We can choose to make our process more of a struggle...OR we can choose to REALLY live, to create a life of passion, playfulness and purpose. 

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