Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why Do We Cry Tears of Joy?

Thanks to my friend Leah Allinger for commenting on the  post "The Health Benefit of Tears"

She made the great point: 'The best tears for me, however, are the ones where I've been moved to tears in a moment of beauty or awe. Any idea why that reaction happens?' 

To be honest I don't know exactly!

But I do share your feelings. I have found that over the years, and as I have opened up to my own emotions, and become more 'heart centred' that I cry more frequently. Not necessarily sobbing or weeping per sé, but tears welling up in great pools in my eyes when I hear a great musical climax, see a beautiful sunset or see two people in true, wonderful love. 

I have read that the reason we do this is not because we are happy, but because we are actually sad at the things we didn't experience. For example crying at a wedding as related to the 'cryers' own inability to find a partner, or 'true love' thereby causing a subconscious release of emotion. 

I don't know about this.....I can see the possibility in some instances but I really hope there's more to it! 
And in some instances in which I get teared up I can't (consciously at least) see a hurt or trauma basis for it. 
But I guess in spite of the reasons, when we become more empathic, more heart centred and more open to emotional expression we experience the benefits (and yes joy!) of crying. And if we need to have a good ol'cry the last thing we should do is 'hold it in'. 

[By the way - Leah's latest Blog post Is a Kiss Ever Just a Kiss? is awesome! Check it out ~ Ciff]

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