Monday, September 13, 2010

Symbols of Encouragement (AKA T-shirts made me train!)

There are days that motivation is lacking...not necessarily motivation for everything...but especially for some of the important things that are not always urgent.

Exercise certainly falls into that category for many, and although I love to train and be active, there is the odd time when it's hard for me to get going too.

Today was one of those days.
I knew that I was 'going to' train at some stage...but there was a real 'block' to actually getting out of the office and doing a workout.

I'm enjoying training at home and doing a lot of calisthenics right now, but not having the added motivation of being in the gym, and having the office, computer and other distractions nearby is not always the most conducive to hard training!

Whilst dithering about when I would train, and when I felt that I was about to 'put it off' until later in the day, I went to my room to grab something and spied, out of the corner of my eye a few T-shirts spilling out of a bag  still left partially unpacked after my latest trip back from Vancouver.

These T-shirts almost screamed at me to 'harden up!' (a great Kiwi/Aussie saying) and train!

The T-shirts in question were one from 'Big Al's Dino Gym' - given to me by Al Myers (a great All-Round Weightlifter and strongman) and a shirt from the 2004 IAWA World Championships (one of the all-round weightlifting world champs I have competed in and my first world title win).

Little symbols and little sources of encouragement like these can provide the fuel we need to do the things that in the long run are so important for our health and happiness, and even though I would train regardless, one cannot underestimate the power that some of these symbols and this 'coaxing' can provide.

So thanks Big Al, and thanks to all my friends in weightlifting for providing the encouragement from afar that still helps to drive my training!

And FYI - here's what I did:

Pistol Squats - 5min total, switching legs between sets with no rest between.
Hand stands and hand stand walking - 5min total, little rest
Pullups - 5min total - as many reps as able
Fulton Bar Muscle Snatches (from knee) - 4 x 6 reps
Hanging Pikes - 4 x 8 reps
Dips - 2 x Tmax (short of failure)

And that's me having just finished, feeling great after training and sporting another cool T from my friend Jon 'The Dragon' Kawamoto at

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