Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Angels and Demons

It is a peculiar thing amongst humans that we embody both the demon and the angel.
We see in the stories of fallen politicians, civic leaders and philanthropists that otherwise 'good' people may have very dark sides.

In fact we all have the dark that matches the light. That is the balance of the human psyche, and those claim to not are simply fooling themselves (poorly) and attempting to fool the rest of us with a facade of a saint that is a sallow one when compared to the rich tapestry of humanity.

We all embody both the potential for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and we struggle and battle to live the life of an angel, and sometimes succumb just a little to the devil.

That is the way and it is another call to action and a reminder to, in the words of Philo; "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle..." and for us all, at the very root of it, the battle is the same...

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  1. Like the 2 wolves, of the old cherokee story.

  2. Indeed Jorge my friend! A great piece of Native American wisdom. For those who haven't read it I posted a few years back. Here is the link: