Thursday, April 15, 2010

You, beautiful you... - By Cliff Harvey

I escape to your arms,
only to flee.

You, beautiful you.

I fool you, I trick, I lie,
and steal my way into your arms.

I lay my head right next to that heart
that I can only break,
that I will break soon, so soon.

You, beautiful you.

And I feel your chest gently rise,
gently fall.
I feel your breath, that I stole,
on my neck,
as I seek the warmth of your embrace, to shelter from the cold.

You, beautiful you.

I stay locked in your arms.
Arms that should push me away,
with all their might.
But that hold me still, and tight.

And the coward, me,
One more night,
one more night.

Oh! One more night,
in you,
beautiful you.

Til dawn shines on blackened heart,
shattered soul,
and on your face, lighting your innocence too.

You, beautiful you.

And then I leave, you....
Broken, blackened,
created in my own image,
to find another you...

Beautiful you.

To find that sweet solace,
of the arms that can never replace,
the embrace,
of love lost.

But, for you.
Beautiful, beautiful you.

[circa 2008]

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:06 am

    Finally read thru your poem. Well written from a heart that knows, and willing to share. Thanks, a beautiful glimps into your heart.

    Hope your doing well.