Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter and the dark night.

This Easter I am reminded of the 'dark night'. That concept where we can so easily define ourselves, our lives and our direction out of moments and times of great hardship and grave calamity.

In the Easter story when Jesus is on the cross he cries out to God saying "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me..."

And we can see that this moment was the dark night, a night split by a cry of abject disillusionment, loss and heartache.

And in that moment of heartache, of total and utter despair, Jesus surrendered and yielded up his spirit to God. Forsaking not life, but forsaking the attachment to the end result of action saying; "Father into thy hands I commit my spirit".

This surrender is a common theme amongst spiritual traditions - the dark night of despair and the eventual transcendence of this through surrender to a higher power.
Whether we call this higher power 'the Divine', 'God', 'the Superconsciousness' or simply love or truth matters not. What does matter, and what is so powerful is the recognition that there is something more than what we know and understand through the standard Cartesian paradigm.

We can all, I think recognise that we are linked in some way, and what more is that link than that something greater?

I have had the question asked "Doesn't surrendering to something outside of us excuse laziness and inaction?".
My answer to this is an unequivocal NO!

It has been said that God helps those who help themselves, and of course without action words and thoughts are moot. We are after all defined by our actions.

This surrender I talk of is not inaction!

It is instead acting in purity, acting with honesty, loyalty, humility and most importantly LOVE. It is following your path with compassion, and living it to the best of your ability.
This is work ethic in it's purest form!

But in surrendering we let go of attachment to outcomes. We accept that in the good things and the bad of life, there is meaning, there is learning and there is experiential joy in each and every breaking moment.
We realise the truth of the now in surrendering our attachments and becoming truly comfortable, and truly happy in the knowledge that what will be will be.

...and I can't help but have this wonderful feeling that when we surrender to this we allow ourselves to return home, and we find ourselves beautifully en-wrapped in the arms of God.

Happy Easter everybody!

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