Friday, April 30, 2010

Conscious Intention & Conscious Community Living

As I ponder the next of my big adventures in life and surrounded by my stuff, all packed up and ready to go, I can't help but think how blessed I have been to be part of something very, very special...
You see I live in something we call a 'conscious community house'.
And what the heck is a 'conscious community house'? I can almost hear you asking!
Quite simply it is a house where we live with the conscious intention of living in loving kindness. We have made a pact with each other and ourselves that we will live not just with one another but for one another.

I have lived, over the years and through my wanderings, in a number of quite different living situations and I can tell you that never have I felt more at ease and more at peace than in my little house...that I am soon to move on from...Even though there are 6 of us in the one house!

It is amazing that when the intention of a house is positive - to care for one another, honour and respect one another - that the dynamic is completely different than when this isn't a conscious intention.

Because although most of us are good people, it is naive to think that this loving kindness simply happens. It may...but so often it does not. Unless we think of things, bring them to cognition and act upon and with them they won't necessarily become real.

This is a topic I mention a lot in Choosing You!: How You Can Choose To Live The Life Of Your Dreams...Right Now! - how we have infinite power in our ability to choose and that when we choose the right path for us and act upon it, the results can be life (and world!) changing.

The intention of loving kindness, non-judging compassion and having conduits for conscious communication can change our whole living dynamic!

This has amazing connotations for not just our mental and emotional health but for that of the planet too.
The economies of scale provided by the sharing of space (i.e. more people in a house) create a veritable boon to the environment; in reduction of waste, emissions and consumption. If more of us could live like this environmental damage would be significantly reduced.

But many of us cannot fathom the idea of living with more than one or two others..and this is a point I can understand having seen both sides; from owning, and living on my own in a 3 bedroom + house in a very nice suburb in Auckland, through to living with 5 wonderful, amazing healers and spiritual warriors in a nice suburb in Vancouver, BC!
There are advantages to both, but when the latter is approached with love, with compassion and with non-judgement any negatives evaporate away.

So I will miss my conscious community...but the learning that I will take away will last a lifetime, as will the friendships forged in our little house...

Love you all.

~ Cliff

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