Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barefoot and bedless.....

I was sitting in my room the other day thinking "Something isn't right here...."

I had been having a feeling for some time that I needed to reorganise my living space to create more space and more 'flow'. From time to time I seek to improve the Feng Shui of my bedroom, and whilst I'm no expert on that topic, I've certainly found that it helps my mental space to have a de-cluttered physical space.

I had shifted my bed - the largest piece of furniture in my room and was trying to arrange other items in a way that was more conducive to both physical and energetic flow when it suddenly hit me! I don't need a bed!

I realised that I had this big ol' bed in the middle of my room and if I got rid of it there would be a heck of a lot more space...and a lot more 'flow'!

The bed I have cost me an arm and a leg....but it is also WAY too soft for me (long story - bought for the benefit of a former bed mate more than for me!)
I have always preferred harder mattresses and so figured that there could be a valuable experiment in sleeping on the there's not much harder than that. I also do believe that we probably attenuate to sleeping on harder surfaces over time, and given enough time to adapt long term it may be more beneficial for our posture. My neck has certainly suffered as a result of sleeping on a soft mattress for the last few years.

And so in a typically 'Cliff' fashion I took the bed (with the help of my wonderful friend Dale) into the basement without further ado - prepared to give this next 'experiment in unconventional living' a fair shot!

Over the next few nights I noticed that I slept better. It was cooler on the floor (I get really hot at night usually) and my neck felt far less strain. The only negative was that my hip dug into the floor when I rolled over - but this was dealt with by putting a couple of additional blankets on the floor. I also noticed that I slept for a shorter period of time but had better quality of sleep. The shortened sleep I can only think is because of the increased quality, less heat and less neck and back strain.

I now have a thin bed roll made up of some think blankets and sheets on the floor which I roll out at night and roll away in the morning.
It gives me a) a better night's sleep, b) more space to work, meditate and do yoga in my room, and c) a less cluttered feel to my perhaps if I find myself couch surfing, sleeping rough or otherwise bedless I'll be attenuated to sleeping bedless!

It's been several weeks now and thus far I can only see positives from being 'barefoot and bedless' - however as some of my friends and colleagues have pointed out; potential bedmates may prefer to sleep in a bed...and the antics of 'floor action' only seem appealing to the fairer sex when it is an option...not an ulitmatum!

Oh well - such are the choices for vagabonds and raconteurs who choose to live a life of adventuring in the unconventional!

~ Cliff

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