Sunday, August 19, 2007

IAWA World Champs 2007 - Day Two

Remind me to never again try to out drink a weightlifter who outweighs me by 20Kg and calls Burton (the world's brewing capital) home....

A little worse for wear, tired and bloody sore is how Cliffdog finds himself the day after the second and final day of lifting at the IAWA Worlds.

Day two kicked off with a two hands press (basically a very strict military press over head). The lack of training, flu and fatigue I think by this stage, and after a really good day lifting yesterday, was taking it's toll.
I put up 65Kg as an easy opener and then bombed the following two lifts on 70Kg - not a good start, but a start nonetheless!

Next up was an awkward lift - The Bench Press with Hands Together. This is a bench press done in competition powerlifting style but the two hands must remain together and touching throughout the lift. Not an easy lift balance and flexibility wise and a lift that I hadn't really trained for. I was pretty stoked to end up putting up an 85 and 92.5Kg

Browsing over the records I also realised that the record in my class was 98.4Kg and so I took a fourth attempt for a record at 99Kg and just missed getting it up there. It would have surely been the icing on the cake on what turned out to be a very satisfying return to competition but at least on this day it wasn't to be.

By the time of the 3rd and final lift of the competition I was completely spent. There was no fuel left in the tank and to total and still be in the running for overall honours I put up an easy 160Kg in the Jefferson (Straddle) Lift and followed with what should have been an easy 180Kg - looking for a 3rd on 200kg. However the bar had other ideas and remained firmly nailed to the floor!

Thinking that the day had pulled the overall out of grasp I was happy to be named 3rd best overall open lifter at the Championships.

My enormous thanks go out to Brian Armstrong, Bruce Savage and the rest of the guys at Canterbury Powerlifting who helped to make this Championships a great event.

Our opening feelings that what the Champs lacked in numbers would be made up for in quality of lifting.

James Gardner of the UK came in as best Open Lifter and Peter Philips of Australia best Overall and Masters Lifter.
James Gardner probably took the title for bets overall drinker too...and I for one am wondering how on earth he managed to wake up at 7am for a train ride through the Alps!

I'm looking ahead to bigger (weights!) and better things at the 2008 World Champs in the UK!

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