Monday, August 13, 2007

A good little piece in the Herald - Malcolm Burgess: Nutrition answer may lie in the soil
Following my posts earlier this year about grain feeding of cattle: 'The thin end of the wedge'; this article by Malcolm Burgess is indeed timely. As far as I know the trend of feeding of grain to cattle, and the continued over reliance on NPK is not abating significantly even though we know, more and more, that this trend encourages much poorer nutrient quality. It is no wonder that recommendations for how many vegetables we need to eat per day (from 5+ per day to 9+ per day now recommended by many health authorities...including me!) are on the we are getting less and less nutritive value from our food!
A fantastic quote by US 'agri-vangelist' and physician Arden Anderson from the article reads "In developed countries we are starving to death on full stomachs..."

He is bang on...

In my practice I see many, many people who are eating virtually NOTHING of nutritive value in any given day.
Sure they are taking in a LOT of calories but there is little if any nutrient value (vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals etc...)
To sacrifice quality of nutrition for productivity seems pointless, but it does fit with the "more for mores sake" mentality that our society seems more and more caught up in. Quantity should be no substitute for quality and our values unfortunately no longer reflect this. Increasingly our health, and that of our planet is reaping the consequences of this mentality too...

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