Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cliffdog on letting go

So much of life is about letting go...and so much more than holding on.
Growth and maturity can perhaps be completely encapsulated in letting go. We grow, we learn and we let go of our preconceptions of what we are, who we are and what we will become and instead focus on what we do.
We (hopefully!) become more mindful, more aware - aware of what drives us to do what we do and the situations that have and are creating the person we are, and whether that person is in fact the person we want to be!
We don't cling either to our idea of what we could be, but instead it is a guiding beacon, that provides us a goal by which to set a course and in doing so provides a path - a path that we live, enjoy and savour, step by sweet and timeless step...

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