Thursday, July 05, 2007

dOg talks - 'why are we so prepared to hurt each other?'

You know they say that 'we hurt the ones we love most' but I can't quite get that through my head...

Of course I know that people hurt the ones they love all the time but I wonder how we can do that...more so I wonder how people can be so willing to hurt others at all!

Hurting anyone willingly and knowingly is something that the majority of us revile against in the extreme. But it seems that more and more people are prepared to hurt others.
People knowingly and willing hurt others by their actions for; financial gain, materialism, pride and ego. We are presented every night on the News with the state of the world - violence, murder, rape and all sorts of abhorrent acts. Not to mention greed, selfishness and sheer and unabashed materialism. All of which springs from an obsession with "I" and little thought (and NO compassion) for 'YOU' and for "WE".

At the end of the day every single thing we do, we have chosen to do. And the reasons WHY we make those choices are many and varied....but they are never, and should never be allowed to be excuses for the way we act.
Our fears and insecurities can lead us towards certain paths - but they don't MAKE us do anything. We choose to. And so often people choose to act in the full knowledge that in doing so they will hurt someone else.

Surely by cultivating self awareness, mindfulness and compassion we can a) see where our fears and insecurities are rising up to push us away from the person we could be, the person who we have dreamed of being and b) change the way we act, moment to moment to create more harmony, more love, more satisfaction and fulfilment and reach our goals to live the life that we want to live.

But without mindfulness, without cultivating an awareness of self and all the idiosyncracies, fears and insecurities - when presented with choices it is often easier to simply allow those very fears and insecurities to push us into paths of action that define a way forward, no matter how damaging that path is for yourself and those around you....

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