Friday, July 20, 2007

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle..." (Philo)

It is so easy to become insulated against the world and against things outside of our direct relationships, our possessions and our daily activities.
Of course this insulation is of our own creation.
We can get so hung up on our own 'battles' that we forget that everyone (EVERYONE!) we meet is also fighting their own battles, great and small.
When eyeing our own battles we forget this, but how we love when we receive kindness!
Kindness makes our battles easier, it rejuvenates and energises us, it makes those 'life hurdles' a lot lower! Quite frankly it makes our lives better...
What is interesting is that we get so much satisfaction when we are also kind to others. Even if our only motivation is selfish (because it makes us feel good) the net effect is what is most important.

People debate the truth of altruism. Me, I don't care!...

Can we really say that a good deed; giving kindness to others, treating them with respect, smiling, understanding - committed by someone because it makes them feel good is any less moral, any less worthy than that committed merely 'because'...with no reward?
And perhaps the greater good is actually when we revel in our own kindness and that of others - it's not altruistic but it creates two happy people instead of one!

Either way kindness and giving need not be totally altruistic - they just need be!

And it's also not hard to choose to bring greater kindness into our lives - indifference and cruelty are choices, every bit as much as the choice to be kind.

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