Monday, April 30, 2007

Gary Moller takes aim at cliffdog...cliffdog ducks, weaves and strikes back! (All in jest of course!)

A colleague of mine noticed a reference to one of my articles at Gary Moller's Blog along with some comments about yours truly...:Natural therapies advice for high performance athletic conditioning, optimum nutrition, injury management and a long and active life -
Check out the ensuing banter - all in good fun of course. One thing I love about this industry is that we all as practitioners have different views on various topics and many ways to say what are often similar things.
I also appreciate Gary publishing my reply to his comments about it. To be involved with rational and intelligent debate is for us and our industry very valuable and for both of our readers invaluable. Gary and I will have to disagree on a few topics it seems, but looking at his site there are many more (Vitamin D and sun exposure, stress etc etc) that we will I'm sure continue to agree on.

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