Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I don't want to say it but....

I told ya so!
There was a moderately interesting although relatively uninforming piece on TV 1's Sunday programme on sun exposure.
Several researchers were featured touting the benefits of moderate sun exposure and noting some of the links between a lack of Vitamin D (resulting from time in the sun) to cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and diabetes. None of them recommended prolonged exposure to the sun and in all cases were unified in the opinion that burning is always harmful...
Sounds very similar to the message that I have been promoting for many years now in articles at FITNET, IRULEand in print ('Femme' Fitness and Lifestyle and Endurance Sport Magazine) as well as in lectures and workshops.
It's good to see the worm beginning to turn and with it the re-emergence of some good old fashioned commonsense (backed up of course with solid scientific research!)

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