Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back home!

Well we're back home and settling in. It's amazing how travelling re-energizes the soul. Sure, it's physically exhausting and sometimes you need a wee break after your holiday to recover but you can be sure that simply getting away from everything puts a new spin, a different perspective on your life.
This is highlighted even more when your travels are...shall we say, demanding? When we are challenged and confronted we learn so much more about ourselves than when the going is easy.
Coming back to the relative safety and tranquility of ol' NZ has been great, plus we caught the late summer.
While we were away we both had a lot of time to think about what we were doing at home, and how we were doing it. More importantly we had some time to dream about what we want to be doing and how we want to do it. And now we are putting those dreams into action. My first book is coming along well and several more have begun solidifying past the ideas stage.
We are thinking alot more too about the world we want to live in and what we can do to encourage this. We have both obviously been very into health, fitness and wellness in the past. We have also been very conscious of our effect on the environment, but now more than ever we are seeing the two as integral parts of one another.
I am integrating alot of new concepts into my nutrition and health practice and mentoring including an increased focus on organic foods and caring for our environment through simple lifestyle techniques. These are things that we can do simply by substitution or changing the 'way' we do something. Basically I am trying to incorporate low or no cost strategies that require no additional time and that have a marked effect on our wastage, and of course our health.
If nothing else it is a pragmatic approach to health. Health for the body, the mind, the soul...and the planet as of course they are all inter-related.

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