Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Home sweet home....???

Well we didn't quite find our way back to NZ just yet...
We were tired, that much is true. Stopping for even 5, 6 and 7 days in any one location wasn't quite cutting it. It's amazing how being on the road for 4 months can make you crave a bit of routine and stability - two of the very things that travelling gives a welcome respite from!
The fact remained that although we needed a break and a bit of 'real life' time there was still a lot left undone. I for one wanted to keep on travelling, at least just a bit longer. It provides such confronting episodes and events that you can't help but grow as a person. That said I was also bursting at the seams with writing ideas and projects...and needed to let them free in more than just my journal!
...And where better to stop for 3 weeks, enroll in Spanish school for some further tuition and have the space, time and tools to write than in San Telmo.
San Telmo is Buenos Aires' oldest suburb. It is stacked with historic buildings, criss-crossed by cobbled, tree lined lanes fronted by antique stores and inhabited by writers, artists and artisans. I can see why artists are drawn to areas like this. The beauty, history, the mere aesthetics alone are inspiring! The place has an energy that breeds creativity.
I may be a little too utopian in my writing...suffice to say we like San Telmo...a lot. It feels great to be here and it's put a spin on BA that we hadn't expected.

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