Tuesday, December 12, 2006


...and finally we get to experiance the benefits of a full, no holds barred ´bus cama' ride with fully reclining, wide berth padded leather seats and full service with dinner, refreshments etc etc. It was definitely needed on the 15 hour ride from Cuzco to Nazca, winding roads down through the Andes and foothills to the desert that is still inhabited by the descendants of the pre-inca civilisation that for some inexplicable reason etched enourmous figures of humming birds, monkeys, parrots and other animals...and even an 'astronaut' into the rocky desert.
That the designs can only be appreciated from the air has spawned a plethora of theories. From signals to extra terrestrials, the handiwork of extraterrestrials or as some remnant of ancient flight or shamanic dream flight they still provide a mystery. But in mystery there is possibility, perhaps there are things that we will never be able to explain? One thing we have learnt is that even relatively recent covilisations such as the Inca (15th and 16th century) have left many mysteries relating to what they did, how they lived and more importantly what they knew.
Who knows...?? I for one wonder why an ancient civilisation in a place where there has been no appreciable rainfall since the last ice age would create designs they could never see to appreciate? And the very wondering opens the doors to possibilities.

Post Script....
I have to say that buzzing arround in a tiny single engine plane over the desert was one hell of a buzz in and of itself! ;-)

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