Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mancora - Still Peru ;-)

We had heard that Huanchaco was more ´tranquilo´ than Mancora which has a touristy, resort reputation but it is still an awesome place to stop and hang out. It has good waves, cheap board hire and a much closer break to the residences. If anything i found it more relaxing because it´s cleaner...and easier to get in the water...not to mention a fare bit warmer!
And it remained great until our last day....
It´d been a great surf that morning - and yes Mr Sisam....I did catch a few waves.. and while I had a kip in our room Em decided to go for a leisurely walk along the busy beach with her/our/my ;-) Ipod....
I know what some of you are thinking...silly move right? Well yes, but in our defence the beach was packed and plenty of people were doing the same.
However they perhaps did not wander quite so far up the beach where we later learned it´s pretty sketchy.
And as she headed up the beach listening to some ´Like a Storm´ she was accosted by another ´´jogger´´ weilding a 12 inch blade and demanding the ipod.
Good ol´ Em at first decided to have a scrap but thankfully saw the light and gave up the gadget and ran home. As you can imagine I was pretty pĂ­ssed but thankful nonetheless that my girl wasn´t hurt. I guess we can add one more to the list for South America now and we again proved our adage that you never know what to expect here....or perhaps you do!

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