Saturday, December 23, 2006


Ica is an oasis....Huacahina outside of Ica is an even smaller oasis...Rimmed by sand dunes that look as if they could engulf the town at any moment, Huacachina is like a themepark playground, some strange resort, a festival lagoon with not quite the buzz and atmosphere...or people that it needs.
The local Oasis´ flow into a man made lake rimmed by stately hotels well past their prime and neo-classical and art deco buildings that are but shadows of their former selves that eerily hint at their grandiose past.
The food is well....OK...the hotels and hostels are....OK..and the desert is absoluetly superb in it´s breathtaking enormity.
We have huge sand dunes back home but we do not have them lined up, one after the other in a seemingly endless parade of silicon sentinels. The major pastime...and let´s face it, reason for Huacachinas existence now is that we - tourists, both Peruvian and other can tear all over these majestic dunes in souped up dune buggies and indulge in (the only moderately!..) more sedate sand boarding.
I did wonder whether this fit the bill of ´responsible tourism´ and am still unsure but it was thrilling and I hate to say not worth missing!

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