Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Salta is what happens when a place like Tucuman gets it´s act together. Or perhaps Tucuman is like ´´when good Salta´s go bad...´´ Either way it´s a relaxing stop on the way North with wide esplanades and a beautiful Plaza, monuments and an Iglesia that is variously described as tacky, gaudy or stunning...we chose the later! (Check out the pic at night!)
The city is geared towards tourists which is good and bad. There are plenty of great places to eat and chill and plenty of handicrafts and works by local artisans...but of course they are priced for the tourist dollar. Getting stuck here waiting for a tour north through Injun country (sorry un-P.C. but had to do it!) meant a few afternoons sipping Licuados in the shade in the plaza Argie watching!