Tuesday, November 07, 2006

North through the Quebrada Humahuaca

We still haven´t managed to find any Salsa but we did find a tour with more desert...The far north of Argentina has the highest concentration of Argentina´s inidgenous population. The scenery going North through Pumamarca (see pic.) and it´s ´seven coloured mountain´, Tilcara and Humuhuaca is as per usual for the trip, amazing. We are running out of wows!. Also unfortunately we seem to be coming up against Argies in a hurry, a bit uptight and always keen to get that extra peso out of you! (Propinas - tips are expected and demanded everywhere!)
I managed to get ripped off by a Wichi Indian for a ´handmade´ knife that I saw in the next village for twenty pesos less...always the way and all part of the Sth American experience! Looking forward to a new country, new people and new sites in Bolivia!

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