Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quebrada de Cafayate

Outside of Cafayate and it´s wineries is desert, desert and more desert. Huge ravines and mountains are in view every way you turn. Cacti, brush and red sand cover the landscape with a backdrop of multicoluored cliff faces. A trek around several of the sites around Cafayate was found to be pretty much a sunday trot for a couple of kiwis used to the outdoors, so harder trials were in order.
Now most of you know that in my practice I work with a lot of cyclists and adventure racers...and in spite of that I probably hadn´t been on a bike for near on 20 years!..until Cafayate...
Uphill in the desert heat and overthinking the workings of gear ratios had me complaining like a little girl to Em, I think she was about to led me off a cliff but thankfully we reached our detsination - the mouth of a canyon, where we left our bikes cahined to a tree and strode off up the Rio Colorado in search of a 10m waterfalll and swimming hole.
2 hours of hard slog later, and thoroughly deserving a swim we reached the hole and plunged in, quickly realising that it was pretty fresh snow melt from the Andes...and bloody cold! So plunging and then re-heating were more the order of the day than swimming!
The downhill trek and downhill ride were much easier too, Em´s sanity was thankful of that and finally getting used to the bike we even had a few jumps on the way back. Over a few beers they´ll grown into 10m airs and I think I´ll just leave it at that...

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